Oil Cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizers

Oil Cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers

Servo stabilizers are designed to regulate voltage conditioning for three-phase power applications. We use different types of equipment with varying capacities. Also, they may encounter frequent voltage fluctuations. So, in such cases, the servo stabilizers heat up.

Specific insulation and cooling systems remove heat and protect the stabilizers. They maintain the stabilizer routine without interruptions. Oil-based cooling it commonly used cooling-mode in servo stabilizers.

Oil-cooled servo stabilizers have oil that passes through the unit through special capillary tubes. The oil absorbs heat from the unit and circulates. Then, the heat dissipates, thereby, cooling the stabilizer.

Remember, the servo stabilizer manufacturers use specific standard oils for better service.

Oil-Cooled Servo Stabilizers – Ideal Power Solutions for Higher Loads

Oil-based cooling is much more efficient in stabilizers. Even higher temperatures can be dealt with such oil-cooling mode. So, if the frequency of voltage fluctuations is more or if there is a high-capacity load, then you need not worry. Handling higher loads is very easy to oil-cooled servo stabilizers. So, most of the industrial applications use these peculiar models. They are, however, used indoors and outdoors for several applications like –


  • Automobile Equipment
  • CNC & VMC Machines
  • Elevators
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Industrial Applications
  • IT Applications
  • Medical Equipment
  • Metal Processing Equipment
  • Motor Lab Equipment

Our High-Grade Power Solutions

Servomax Limited – the best servo stabilizer manufacturer in India – offers several types of oil-cooled servo voltage stabilizers with different capacities up to 5000kVA. Call us immediately to obtain highly efficient oil-cooled servo stabilizers now.

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